About Us


What We Do

Our Plumeria team is here to help you determine performance infrastructure and strategy, and to strengthen your leaders and managers. How do you measure, track, and reward performance? How do you develop your employees? We can help you with that.

Rather than deliver off-the-shelf solutions, we get to know you and your values, and custom-tailor our products and services to you and your brand.

Based on what we learn about you and your needs, we provide tools and resources, guidance on relevant systems and software, and recommend strategies and approaches. We help you establish critical performance foundations like company values and performance competencies. We facilitate strategic sessions and performance-focused workshops, customized to your company. We can even certify members of your team to deliver our workshops.


Why We Do It

Companies in rapid growth keep asking the same question: How do you scale performance without losing sight of the culture that started it all? 

Too many talented people get lost in hyper growth. Growing organizations don't have a time machine to go back and undo bad hires, save team members from burn-out or fast forward to a future where team members are reignited with new meaning in their work. 

So we obsess with scaling that unique culture specifically for companies who aim to be nimble while growing quickly. We capture this critical time in your company's history to align your mission & values with the growth of your people through a tailored performance infrastructure. When your people grow, your business grows.


Our Vision

We enable organizations to nurture the talent within. When your people grow, your business grows.

We are collaborative partners. We don't provide all the answers because we don't have all the answers. The best solutions are found within our clients. It's our job to draw them out. We recognize that the best work is that which is done together.


We Believe In



We speak up because every voice matters, even if it means braving uncomfortable situations. We choose courage over comfort because we know that the greatest outcomes can only be achieved by taking risks.



Making complex ideas simple and accessible is incredibly difficult, but profoundly worth it.


People-focused work can’t be done in isolation; it is dependent on collaboration, teamwork, and diverse perspectives. We value the shared journey as much as the reward, and we recognize that the best work is that which is done together.



Company politics are toxic to organizational culture. We say what needs to be said while assuming positive intent. We are up front and honest, holding no cards up our sleeves.


So… What's a Plumeria?

We explored countless names that could embody our values or reflect our services. Bonus points if the names referenced the greatest movie of all time (Back to the Future, of course!). One day, the founder's 9-year-old daughter asked “What about Plumeria?”

Plumeria is a tropical flower with many meanings in various cultures. The plumeria represents new life, spring, growth, and perfection. It turned out to be a perfect reflection of who we are and what we value.