Invest In Your Leaders

How did we end up with such a profound shortage of skilled leaders? There are many explanations for how we got here, including decades of rapid growth companies, an explosion of startups, and the age-old classic of promoting high-performing individual contributors to management to keep them from exploring external opportunities for career path. Perhaps the more relevant question is “What can we do about it now that we’re here?”

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Axanti Anthony
An Introduction to Everything DiSC: Part 1

Our mission at Plumeria is to nurture the talent within—within you, your teams, and your organization. In pursuit of this mission, we decided to expand our offerings with an assessment that has a history of research dedicated to personal development in the workplace: Everything DiSC.  We chose Everything DiSC because of its simplicity and effectiveness. We believe it's an incredible tool for enabling teams to work together at their best, and it pairs nicely with our menu of leadership and development workshops.

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Victoria OttodiscComment
When is a Goal not a Goal? When it's an Expectation.

Current performance review wisdom tells you to separate growth and development from performance evaluation, and more importantly, keep them far away from compensation adjustments.  But you would never give someone a raise or promote them if they weren’t performing at a high level, and goal completion is a primary indicator of performance success. So how do you separate growth and development from performance evaluation and compensation when goals are the primary tool for both growth and evaluation?

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