An Introduction to Everything DiSC: Part 1


Our mission at Plumeria is to nurture the talent within—within you, your teams, and your organization. In pursuit of this mission, we decided to expand our offerings with an assessment that has a history of research dedicated to personal development in the workplace: Everything DiSC.  We chose Everything DiSC because of its simplicity and effectiveness. We believe it's an incredible tool for enabling teams to work together at their best, and it pairs nicely with our menu of leadership and development workshops.

We’ve authored a series of quick reads highlighting the uses and benefits of DiSC to help you understand the potential for you and your teams.

What is DiSC?

Everything DiSC is an assessment that measures tendencies and preferences and generates a personalized DiSC profile.  It was designed to be a simple tool to first help you understand your workplace priorities, and then provide strategies to better connect with colleagues whose priorities and preferences differ from your own.

The DiSC model is made up of four primary styles in the shape of a circle: D-Dominance, i-influence, S-Steadiness, and C-Conscientiousness.  Each style has characteristics associated with that style, and are equally valuable.


Based on the results, a ‘dot’ is placed in the style that best represents your answers on the DiSC assessment questions.  

The DiSC dot describes your primary style, preferences, tendencies, motivations, and stressors in your workplace experience.

Cornerstone principles of the EVERYTHING DiSC include that all styles and priorities are equally valuable and everyone is a blend of all four styles. Your work style is influenced by many factors and the first step to becoming more effective when working with others, is to first understand your own style.

How does it help?

Understanding your DiSC style can help you answer questions of why you have trouble connecting with some colleagues, but look forward to working with others. Have you ever wondered why some tasks give you pause, while others make you want to jump right in?  

A DiSC assessment and workshop will answers these questions and others, in order for you to understand what truly motivates you, the cause of workplace stress, what your primary characteristics are, and what makes you dive in to some projects and avoid others.

Your DiSC profile will provide you with:

  • strategies to work more effectively with others

  • leveraging your workplace strengths

  • improving the quality of your workplace and overall performance

The DiSC encourages meaningful conversations about interpersonal differences, but it is not intended to pigeonhole anyone or excuse behavior.  It does not measure skills or abilities, but is a tool for dialogue and building more effective workplace relationships.

If this has piqued your interest of what YOUR style is, and those of team members, please contact us to begin the journey to understand your tendencies, priorities, and how to work with colleagues more effectively.

Victoria OttodiscComment