An Introduction to Everything DiSC: Part 2


In Part 1 of our “An Introduction to Everything DiSC” series, we outlined how DiSC can give you and your teams a better understanding of your own personal work style and how you can work more effectively with others.

In this second DiSC article, we’ll dive deeper into the nuances of your DiSC style, including:

  • What does your ‘dot’ placement tell you?      

  • What does the shading mean?

  • What is your inclination?

The Everything DiSC® model has a total of 12 possible permutations contained within each of the four primary styles; each style is separated into three segments. For example, your style could be an ‘S’ or an ‘SC.’ Your specific dot location tells you your primary style and what your inclinations are.  

Additionally, your dot placement tells the story of your typical workplace behaviors, motivations, and stressors.  The shading around your dot expands your story to include the priorities that shape your workplace experience. The placement of the dot and shading provide clarity of how inclined you are toward your particular style, which provides further insight into how well you relate to the characteristics associated with your style.

Dot placement showing an “i” style with tendencies toward Accuracy.

Dot placement showing an “i” style with tendencies toward Accuracy.

Despite being assigned a particular style with associated characteristics, we are all unique and have a blend of all styles.  It is important to remember that all the styles are valuable and have both strengths and limitations. Other factors affect our work style, including education, maturity, and life experience.

These factors, in addition to understanding your DiSC style, provide insight that helps increase awareness of your own behavior and works to explain why some tasks you either jump into or procrastinate on, or why you work well with some colleagues while avoiding others. The same is true for learning the styles of others. The benefit of utilizing Everything DiSC® is to build awareness, form a common language, and learn specific skills to work more effectively together.

Your Workplace Profile provides the story of your DiSC style, an overview of all of the DiSC styles, and strategies to increase your effectiveness when interacting with colleagues with other DiSC styles. All 12 of them.

A DiSC workshop will provide your personalized Workplace Profile, descriptions of each primary style, and activities to learn and increase your understanding of your own style and the styles of others.  By providing examples and a common language, you can improve your workplace behavior and learn strategies to increase effectiveness with co-workers.

If this has piqued your interest of what YOUR style is, and those of team members, please contact us to begin the journey to understand your tendencies, priorities, and how to work with colleagues more effectively.

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