Invest In Your Leaders

According to LinkedIn’s January 2019 Workforce Report, Leadership is one of the top skill shortages in every major metro area of the US.


How did we end up with such a profound shortage of skilled leaders? There are many explanations for how we got here, including decades of rapid growth companies, an explosion of startups, and the age-old classic of promoting high-performing individual contributors to management to keep them from exploring external opportunities for career path.

Perhaps the more relevant question is “What can we do about it now that we’re here?”

The answer for many companies is to hire external leaders instead of building programs to develop managers internally. There are a number of issues with this approach, not to mention the fact that, hey! There’s a shortage of skilled leaders out there! Just because someone has a wide range of leadership positions listed on their resume doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. Smaller companies and startups are all too eager to slap fancy titles on their managers, regardless of their inexperience or lack of responsibilities. It’s not uncommon to discover that someone with the word “Director” in their job title had no prior management experience and oversaw an “entire division” comprised of two people.

The reality is, if you want great leaders at your company, you need to invest in their growth and development. You wouldn’t give someone with no coding experience a job as a software engineer and then expect them to succeed without developing their skill set, would you? Then why do so with inexperienced managers who might not only fail miserably themselves but also potentially bring their entire team down with them? The cost of training your leaders is nothing compared to the cost of the damages a well-intentioned but untrained manager can inflict.

And while off-the-shelf eLearning companies can certainly help with skill development, there’s only so much you can learn about leading people without, well, interacting with other people.

At Plumeria, we believe our Leadership Fundamentals curriculum, comprised of four courses, equips managers with the fundamental philosophies and skills needed to be the best leader possible for their teams, while establishing consistency in approach for more seasoned managers.

Course delivery is as flexible as you need it to be, incorporating workshops, eLearning, and targeted discussions and activities that can be completed whether your employees are in an office or work remotely. You can even license our content to have it branded to your look and feel, and to reference specific tools and systems used by your employees.

Ready to invest in your leaders via our workshops or specialized consulting services? Visit our website or send an email to so we can help you deliver a leadership development program that takes your leaders from good to great.

Axanti Anthony