Whether you're looking to refine your existing performance infrastructure or need to build one from scratch, Plumeria is here to help. We help you establish critical performance foundations like company values and performance competencies. We facilitate strategic sessions and performance-focused workshops, customized to your company. We can even certify members of your team to deliver our workshops.

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Our services fall into the four components of an effective performance infrastructure:



It’s difficult to manage performance effectively without clear goals & expectations. And it’s tough to set clear goals & expectations when everyone has a different definition of success. How do you get everyone speaking the same language?

Plumeria can help you with:

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Company Values

Values describe the people a company is made of, and the vision that drives it forward. Clearly-defined company values help you manage competing priorities and make sound decisions in line with the company culture.


Competency Palette

If you’ve ever known someone was or wasn’t a fit for the company but you couldn’t articulate why, you are in need of a competency palette. Competencies provide definitions of the qualities & skills needed to be successful at the company. They are a vital component of hiring great talent and of managing the performance of your employees.




You've established Company Values that define your culture, and you've got a competency palette to articulate what success looks like. Now it's time to make sure your employees know exactly what's expected of them, and to set goals that have a positive impact on the company, team, and individuals.

Plumeria can help you with:

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Job Profiles

Clear expectations start with a complete accounting of a role's responsibilities. A job profile defines the role, key partnerships within the company, and detailed responsibilities in relation to each partnership. It forms the basis for performance assessments, and can even auto-generate a job description.

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Goal Setting

Goals are tasks, initiatives, or projects that are within scope of the job, but are designed to push growth and development forward for the company, the team, and the individual. Unlike expectations, goals aren’t typically ongoing, but instead change and evolve as the needs and skillset of the team and individual evolve.

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Goals Executive Coaching

The strongest team and individual goals are connected to strong company goals. Whether annual or quarterly, Plumeria can help your executive team establish goals that promote progress and achieve clear outcomes.



Once clear goals and expectations have been established, managers need a simple, transparent, and consistent approach to managing performance. Performance management is all about figuring out if the desired performance is happening. You can identify performance issues that need improvement, or find examples of exceptional performance. If you aren't getting the desired results, you'll need to dig deeper and figure out what's causing the problem. If you are getting the desired results, you may want to investigate and see how to replicate and scale that success.

Plumeria can help you with:

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Leading Teams

If you have not-so-experienced managers due to company growth, or if management styles across the company vary drastically, Plumeria can help to establish consistency.Managers can make or break team performance. While they can infuse their own personal style into the job, their approach to leading teams needs to be in line with company values.

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Actionable Management

Effective managers understand that employee success is a shared responsibility. Plumeria can help your managers adopt practices to actively support employees and eliminate roadblocks to success.

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Performance Cycle

More companies are moving away from the traditional annual performance review toward an environment of continual feedback, growth, and development. Plumeria can help you establish a new performance cycle with more frequent (and less burdensome) evaluations and driven by collaborative feedback.




With clear expectations and goals, a culturally-aligned language, and consistent performance management practices, you may be focused on building bench strength. One of the primary purposes for developing employees is to build strength within the company, so that as seasoned leaders move on to other endeavors, the highest performers in the company move up the ranks.

Plumeria can help you with:

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Skill Development

A company invested in the welfare of its employees needs to provide avenues for developing essential skills that will ultimately help with performance gaps. Employees who display performance excellence also want to develop career skills to reach the next level.

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Talent Planning

A-players don’t remain in the same place for long. An effective performance infrastructure helps you groom high performers to be the next generation of leaders, thereby maintaining a level of cultural integrity that would be impossible by bringing in outside talent. Plumeria can help you assess risk and potential in your talent pool, provide career paths for current employees, and strengthen interviewing and onboarding strategies for new talent. 

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Learning Organization

Employee development relies on accurate learning management; cataloguing and organizing learning offerings while tracking completion. This is especially important when it comes to compliance training. Plumeria can help you establish strong learning management practices, and even help you create a foundation on which to build a learning & development team of your own.